Located at 4126 Napier St, Poseidon Project expands Bay Park as a destination for craft beer and wine in San Diego,.

POSEIDON PROJECT is a retail store, taproom and cultural center for craft beers and wine, all under one roof.  It’s the place where beer and wine  aficionados can share their enthusiasm and those new to craft beer and wine can learn more about one of the world’s oldest and loved beverages.

Our ambiance and interior space  is cozy and inviting, with space to browse over 300 bottles and cans from around the world. Guests can join us at our tasting bar where they can sample a flight of freshly poured beer or wine or enjoy a bottle from our fridge. 

Poseidon Project will also offer a diverse mead  selection and a craft beer and wine lifestyle focused glassware and apparel lines for men and women. 

About the concept name - "POSEIDON" is the Greek god of water and the sea. This name pays homage to fresh water, the main ingredient of beer that accounts for 90% to 95% of a beer and wine's total volume and to the “sea” which is in close proximity to our Bay Park location.  


Poseidon Project

4126 Napier St
San Diego, CA 92110
@PoseidonProject on Instagram

Now Open!

2pm to 930pm - M - Thurs

12noon to 12am - Friday & Saturday

12noon to 930pm - Sunday